Hydro-excavation utilizes pressurized water to break-up soil and a high pressure vacuum tank to remove the debris. This innovative process provides a non-destructive means to safely locating utilities and less impact to the site.

Benefits of Hydro-Excavation

  • Less site disturbance, and less invasive to existing underground utilities
  • Can be used to verify the material, invert size and condition of utilities up to 30’ deep
  • Precise excavation without shoring
  • Remote digging (up to 200 feet away)

Applications of Hydro-Excavation

  • Line locating (utility lines, etc.)
  • Excavations around utilities that conventional equipment could damage
  • Excavations in areas not accessible with conventional equipment
  • Slot trenching
  • Cleaning areas with heavy sludge or solids
  • Tunneling under structures without removing them
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