Why use a Licensed Plumber?

If you choose to hire an unlicensed plumbing contractor there are so many things that can go wrong. If someone tells you they can make the repairs but they aren’t licensed to do so, you open yourself up to countless potential problems. Because they most likely don’t have the experience or the expertise, the work they do might not be in compliance with the current plumbing codes (if they even do any work at all). You could be sued if they are injured during the repair because they won’t have the proper insurance. Your own homeowner’s insurance will be invalidated if something goes wrong. If the job takes longer than expected, not done properly, needs to be redone, you are at the mercy of the unlicensed “plumber.” If something is damaged, the repair makes things worse, the materials are of poor quality, there’s nothing you can do legally. Here’s a short list of some of the possible problems that can happen:

Foundation and other structural problems

Sewer backups/stoppages Sewer system not working as it should

Rodents and insect issues

And depending on the repair, you could be putting you and your family’s health and lives at risk like potentially deadly sewer gas odor issues. Not to mention the potential danger to the plumbing crew themselves.

Honestly, the number of things that could go wrong are too many to list here. To be safe and know the job was done right and you are protected, I strongly urge you to always hire a licensed plumber if you need a repair.

Emergency Calls

Wondering when you need an emergency plumber? In general, if the issue is causing flooding or water damage or makes it so you can’t use important fixtures and appliances, it may be an emergency. Common emergency plumbing issues include:

Cracked or leaking pipe repair
Ceiling or wall leaks
Sump pump failure that results in flooding
Gas line repair
Burst water heater tanks (or other leaks related to water heaters)
Basement flooding
Main sewer clogs
Sewage backups
Even if your issue isn’t on this list or you’re not sure if it’s an emergency, call us at 513-868-2702 and our team will help you decide! If you do have an issue that requires attention quickly, our experienced plumbers can be by your side on the same day!

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