Signs You Need Sewer Line Repair

Ideally, you can get service before things get too out of hand. Getting a repair service early on tends to be less costly and much less stressful since you’ll avoid many of the other plumbing issues that can come from a damaged or clogged sewer line. But what are the signs?

Unpleasant odors. The stink of sewage is immediately recognizable. You might catch a whiff in the home near a drain or maybe even out on the lawn. Either way, if you smell sewage, there’s a sewer line acting up that needs professional attention.
Puddles. The sudden appearance of puddles in the lawn is another sure sign—especially in the absence of rain. These puddles will often stink, as well as attract flies, mosquitoes, and other pests.
Water backing up in the home/business. Most frequently, a damaged sewer line will water backing up in the first floor drains or basement drains. If you get a lot of backflow and gurgling when you flush or use the shower, your sewer line needs attention.
Constant clogs. Clogs aren’t uncommon, but if you’re dealing with them on a daily basis or your clog won’t go away, it’s likely that there’s a larger issue at hand—namely, your sewer line.
Slow-draining fixtures. A single slow drain typically means you have a small local clog. But when the problem is spreading to every fixture in the home, from the bath to the toilets and even the sinks, then the problem is with the main sewer line.
The best way to avoid high costs is to get service right away! Not sure what the problem is? That’s why our specialists are always available to offer plumbing and sewer line assessments. Any time you feel like there may be an issue, go ahead and give us a call to avoid further damage and risk.

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