Is Descaling the Answer?

It is common for homes constructed in the mid-70s to the 80s to have cast iron sewer systems. Cast iron pipes were a preferred choice due to their robustness and longevity, with a lifespan ranging from 60 to 100 years with proper installation and maintenance. However, these pipes are susceptible to blockages caused by grease, sediments, and debris, leading to unpleasant odors, slow drainage, and water back-up. Homeowners often resort to chemical cleaners to eliminate sewer pipe clogs, which contain corrosive chemicals that could reduce the durability of cast iron pipes with repeated and prolonged use, necessitating earlier sewer pipe replacement.

In light of this, pipe descaling is a recommended professional technique for eliminating debris and clogs from cast iron pipes. Descaling causes no harm to the integrity of cast iron pipes and ensures their optimal functioning for as long as possible.

What is Pipe Descaling?

Pipe descaling is a specialized process that involves the use of high-speed rotating tools to remove heavy buildup of debris and clogs from the inner walls of sewer pipes. This process is typically used to restore cast iron pipes to their original diameters and to extend their lifespan, which is a more cost-effective solution than pipe replacement.

During the pipe descaling process, the sewer and drain specialist uses a super-fast, high-speed rotating tool attached to a long cable that traverses the pipes to remove the debris attached to the walls of the pipes. To flush out abrasive debris, a combination of hydro-jetting and descaling is often used to prepare sewer pipes for epoxy relining.

If you require pipe relining, the sewer professional will typically conduct a thorough descaling of your existing pipes to remove all debris from the pipe walls before installing the new relining. This ensures that the new lining is properly installed and that the pipes are clean and free of any debris that could cause future blockages.

How Safe is Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Descaling? 

If you are concerned about the impact of pipe descaling on your pipes, you can consult with a sewer and drain contractor to determine the safety of the process. Generally speaking, pipe descaling is a very safe and effective method for cleaning pipes, even if they are decades old. This method involves using low water pressure to remove clogs and sediments from the walls of your sewer pipes. 

In fact, some experts claim that pipe descaling is just as safe as hydro-jetting, which is another method that uses pressurized water to clean sewer lines. While hydro-jetting uses between 350 and 4000 psi of water pressure, the soft bristle high-speed abrasive descaling brush typically operates at around 35 to 45 psi.

Moreover, a professional contractor will conduct a sewer camera inspection to assess the nature of the clog in your pipes and determine the best course of action. If descaling is not deemed suitable for your pipes, the contractor will advise on a more appropriate method for clearing your sewer pipes.

What are The Benefits of Pipe Descaling?

If you have cast iron pipes on your property, it’s important to know that they can benefit greatly from pipe descaling. This process involves removing the buildup of minerals and other deposits that accumulate over time and can cause blockages and other issues. If you’ve tried traditional methods to clear your pipes and still have problems, or if you want to proactively maintain the longevity and productivity of your pipes, it may be time to consider hiring a professional to conduct pipe descaling. 

It is Cost-effective

When it comes to cleaning your drains, pipe descaling is a popular and cost-effective option. It involves removing the buildup of minerals, debris, and other deposits that accumulate inside your pipes over time. This process is much cheaper compared to a complete pipe replacement or relining, making it an affordable solution for homeowners. By descaling your pipes at the right time, you can extend the lifespan of your plumbing system and avoid costly repairs in the future. 

It is Very Safe

If you suspect that your pipes are suffering from damage that might worsen during cleaning, it is highly recommended to opt for pipe descaling. This process is considered safe and effective in removing any buildup or debris that might be clogging your pipes. In some cases, descaling may prove to be a better option than hydro-jetting or snaking. One of the benefits of descaling is that it ensures your pipes are free from cracks and other forms of damage, which can be detrimental to the overall health of your plumbing system. By descaling your pipes, you can help prevent future plumbing issues and ensure your pipes remain in good condition for years to come. 

It Prolongs the Life of Cast Iron Sewer Pipes

If you have cast iron sewer pipes in your home, it’s important to maintain them properly to ensure they last as long as possible. One crucial aspect of maintenance is using a safe and effective drain cleaning method like pipe descaling. With proper maintenance, these pipes can last as long as 60 to 100 years. Pipe descaling is a highly recommended method as it thoroughly cleans your pipes without using high water pressure like hydro-jetting. It restores the pipes’ original diameter, allowing them to function at their optimum capacity for many years. 

It Improves Your Sewer Drainage

It is important to keep in mind that your drain system works hard every day. As wastewater flows through the drain pipes, it carries a lot of debris and filth, some of which stubbornly stick to the inner walls of your sewer pipes. Over time, this build-up of debris can slow down the flow of water out of your sink or bathtub, leading to potentially worse conditions in your sewer drainage and your home. However, there is a solution to this problem – pipe descaling. This process is highly effective in removing all the filth from your pipe walls, freeing up space for the unobstructed flow of wastewater out of your home or office building. By descaling your cast iron sewer pipes, you can bring about an overall improvement in your drainage system and ensure that it continues to function smoothly.

Getting the Best Descaling Specialists for Cast Iron Sewer Pipes

If you’re facing problems with the drainage in your home or commercial property, it’s important to address them as soon as possible to prevent any inconvenience and unpleasant odors caused by a slow-moving drain. One effective solution is to opt for professional pipe descaling services.

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